A.Y.L Seeks Support To Buy JAMB Forms For 50 Nigerian Students

Africa Young Leaders (A.Y.L) is seeking for support to buy JAMB forms for 50 Nigerian students who are academically good but lack funds to support their education.

We are calling on relevant agencies, individuals, NGOs and parastatals who have the interest of Nigerian youths at heart to support us on this movement as we lack the resources to achieve our target. You can support us by donating any amount to us, and it would highly be appreciated.

The idea was conceived out of the hardship students from poor background face, as some of them are brilliant, and have the zeal and passion to study but lack money.

To be part of this movement, please call 08092128716 or send an email to afrikayoungleaders@gmail.com.

No amount is too small. Let's help the youths today.
Thank you as you support us.

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