From Music to Entrepreneurship: Enoch Israel Establishes NGO, 'Africa Young Leaders'

Some people are blessed with talents beyond measures, but they never put them to good use. But reverse is the case with Enoch Israel, the founder and president of Africa Young Leaders (A.Y.L); a Non-Governmental Organization that promotes youths' talents and enhances leadership training.

Enoch Israel, whose stage name is King Sniffy is a multi award-winning rapper, writer and freelance journalist. He has worked with topnotch musicians in the country and is well-respected for the motivational lyrics he always uses on his songs.

The young entrepreneur and philanthropist started A.Y.L as an organization in order to groom African youths into realizing their full potentials.

He said he would be partnering with Government agencies, parastatals, well-respected individuals and other NGOs to achieve the aim, goals and vision of the organization.

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